Ephemeral Brazil Recycling
Ephemeral Brazil

Welcome to a world of ingenuity and creation. Welcome to a world of imagination and fortitude. Welcome to the world of Ephemeral Brazil...

Where old newspapers, aluminium cans and their ring pulls, plastic bottles, fabric offcuts and re-used coffee filters are transformed into stunning handbags, belts and costume jewellery. The lives of so many will flourish through the proceeds of their very own creations.

Something out of nothing, the wondrous joy of the unexpected. Recycled bright and beautiful, unique, tactile and yearning for long-term shelter with you.

All handmade by artisans in some of the most vulnerable communities in Brazil, empowering many lives to carve their own destiny through , fashion, the arts and craftsmanship

Please info@ephemeralbrazil.com with any questions or queries to you might have.