Reforestation of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil - Serra da Beleza

Agro-Restoration Project in partnership with Emater Rio - official environmental agency for the state of Rio de Janeiro

The Forest Restoration Areas
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Serra da Beleza prior to a recent devastating fire. Santo Adolfo lies in the Valley just one km from Serra da Beleza.

Emater Rio has designated three areas for the forest restoration project at Santo Adolfo with colour codes from a Google map outlining each one. The entire layout of the project is also illustrated here with the list of trees, their quantities, latin and vulgar names.

Area 1 (yellow) Sistema Agroflorestal - Agro Restoration

Area on the pasture that lies on the left hand side of the entrance of the farm and goes up towards the existing Forest area on top of the mountain. Our plan is to replant the forest in stages until the two areas meet. Here is where we will have trails for future visitors to the farm with an educational aspect to the trees, wildlife and habitat.

Area 2 (orange) Bananeiral - Banana plantation Musa SP 'Banana Prata'

Along the marsh area between the farm managers cottage and another charming farm cottage.

Area 3 (red) Pomar Agroflorestal - Tropical Orchard

Situated behind the Curral near a micro basin the source of 3 natural water springs The land here has a high level of fertility unlike the other two areas This orchard has been planted with a mix of native fruit trees, citrus, intermingled with manioc, maize and Cucurbita pepo 'Pumpkin'.

The zoning data may be found here.
Progress in 2023

From December 2022 until the third week of March 2023, mixed batches of native trees from 35 species were planted by Alair and his team: Gilberto, Paulinho and Gão.

The 2023 update is available on our Reforestation page.

Updated June 2023